TGB / Gameloop Bypass Emulator Detected Call Of Duty Mobile With Project Ghost

Bypass Emulator Detection Call Of Duty Mobile
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Hi everyone, as so you all know that call of duty mobile came out recently. And to our surprise it has taken a large number of users base in such a short time that it could be considered the best fps shooter game of all time. Another amazing thing is that it’s developers are also tencent who developed the most trending Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile.

So since the developers are tencent they also developed the emulator detection system in COD Mobile as well, and another thing is that they made the game to not show any emulator detected message as to make users believe that they are playing on mobile server but rather in reality they are matched against other emulator players.


Hacking is generally not allowed by any game, and since bypass is also a hack , you will be using it at your own risk. So do not use your main account and only just play for fun on your guest account.

Note: Also avoid being reported by users as they can lead to increased chances of being banned.

How to Avoid Bans:

  • Use clean host files.
  • Do not use any hacks.
  • Avoid being reported by users a lot.
  • Don’t play aggressively.
  • Never ever use any memory hacks.
  • Do not use hacks or scripts for high jump, radar and aimbot.

Well in the end, everything still depends on the gameplay of the users. Also an additional note if your COD M is not opening then try uninstalling Xposed and re-install it again.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the files from the link given below.
  2. Install the required apps.
  3. Run them and bypass COD M.
  4. Run COD M and enjoy!

Download Section:

Video Tutorial On How To Bypass COD Mobile:

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