Bypass Emulator Detection In Pubg Mobile

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In this post we will be telling you about how to bypass the emulator detection of pubg mobile, and play against mobile players using your computer. So be sure to follow each and every step properly. Also make sure that fully read this post, if ignored you might get banned, then don’t blame us for it later on.


Don’t use your main account from the very get go, first test it out on your guest account and play for like 2-3 days. Well personally i would recommend yo never use your main account, because if this gets patched, then you will end up losing your main account for 10 years, so use it at your own risk.

Note: Make sure that your system host file is completely clean and has no problems at all. You can search on google how to fix the windows host file and make it clean.

How To Bypass PUBGM v0.14:

1.Download all the files from the link given below.

2. Then copy & paste all the files into Temp > TxGameDownload > MobileGamePCShared

3. Now run your android emulator.

4. Open your file explorer, if you don’t have any then install one by pressing F9 on your keyboard and opening browser from emulator, and then downloading and installing an File Explorer Apk.

5. Now in file Explorer navigate to this directory ” / > data > share1″

6. This folder will show all the files present in the Temp folder.

7. Install Xposed,Cerberus and Device ID Masker.

8. After installing them all, copy the three .xml files which you downloaded and paste them somewhere else in the android storage like “Downloads” folder or as such.

9. After that open Xposed Module and click on the “Frimware” button.

10. Then click on “Install/Update” button and wait for the emulator to boot up (if the emulator does not start’s automatically then open it manually)

11. Now Open Xposed again after restarting emulator, and go to “Modules” you will see cerberus there, click on the box alongside it to give it permissions, do the same for device id masker too.

12. Now restart emulator once again.

13. After restarting, open cerberus and Click on “Bypass”, wait till a message appears on cerberus saying something like “Bypassed successfully, reboot the emulator manually” then reboot your emulator.

14. After rebooting, open file explorer and go to the location where you copied the three .xml files, now copy these three files and paste them to the directory of cerberus.

15. At last, go to device id masker, Random All Values then apply them. After that restart emulator one last time, then you are good to go.

P.S: This tutorial is only for educational purposes. We are not responsible for your account being banned or hate comments. Use it at your own risk. Stay safe and have a happy gaming 🙂

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