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We are trying our best to provide all the tips and tricks related to different games, softwares just for you guys

so, that you can enjoy games like pubg, fortnite, gta V with no limitations. We'll also be trying to provide various android mobile tricks.

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However, take care of your health problems and safety measures because the radiation emiting from pc and mobile phones can

Affect your mental status and health conditions. Remember games are only meant to played for fun you should try to protect and

Spend time enough only to enjoy and have a healthy life.

We don't encourage hacking and other stuff like that. These tutotials, tips and tricks are only for educational purposes.

Stay safe and play well. Keep supporting us guys.

Please be sure to follow all the instructions and also the precautions for the health problems. Stay healthy and have a better game play.

Also a better physical and mental status life.

However, take care of your financial issues along with the heath because spending too much money on the game can lead to financial depression or loss of your savings.So, please only spend what you can afford to lose. Don't try to fill yourself with anxiety of getting in game items or things as they are just pixels.Focus more on realistic world. Thanks, these are just some of my tips to help you guys

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