PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass 0.15.5

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass 0.15.5
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Hello everyone,

In this post, we will be sharing you a new way to bypass PUBG Mobile emulator detected message. Please note that “This Post is only for Educational Purposes Only”.

Now as far as users know, in the recent updates PUBG has improved their security to whole new levels, by the cooperation of many security and anti-cheating agencies, pubg has made the game even more secured. This has caused almost every bypass weather it’s private or public to be unusable any longer and no longer works. So in this post we will be covering how to bypass the current emulator detection.


Bypass is not allowed by PUBG mobile. If you are planning to use this bypass for illegal means, then you will be responsible for the consequences yourself. Bypass is only meant for education purposes, so that the developers can fix the loop holes in the security of the game. In case your account gets banned from using this, then it won’t be our responsibility.

PUBG mobile has patched every bypass Paid & Public both. And besides bypass is considered hacking, and keep this concept that no hack is forever safe. It will get detected at some point. And the same applies for Bypass. If it works then congratulations, but it wont last very long. So be sure to use bypass on guest accounts only for testing purposes.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the files form the link given below.
  2. Copy the hosts files.
  3. Paste them in the windows “etc” folder.
  4. Now Copy the apkfiles.
  5. Paste them in the shared directory of Gameloop/TGB.
  6. Install the apk files into the android emulator.
  7. Now Run the apk files.
  8. Install Xposed and allow permissions for it’s modules.
  9. Bypass the game Game using cerberus.
  10. Open PUBG M.
  11. Enjoy!

Download Section:

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass 0.15.5 Video Tutorial:

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