PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass In TGB/Gameloop [Updated Hosts]

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected
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Hello everyone, welcome. In this tutorial we will give you the emulator bypass detection files to play pubg mobile in the Mobile servers for free. But please make sure that this all is only for Educational Purposes. Any sort of illegal usage of this would be of your own decisions.

Also on another note, Bypass is not allowed by PUBG Mobile, so if you are planning on using bypass then also try to understand that it comes with risks. When you use bypass there will also be chances for you to receive ban form PUBG Mobile.


Use this bypass at your own risks. This is only for testing purposes. Also note that bypass is like a hack, so it’s not allowed by pubg mobile.

PUBG Mobile is one of the World’s biggest game on mobile platforms, which offers great rich content of gameplay with amazing features, events, items and much more. The addictive ranking system has made almost every player around the globe to love this game to great extents with no bounds.

PUBG also has a very clean and responsive user-interface with easy to understand instructions and guidelines. Not only does PUBG M supports mobile devices, but it also has support for Emulator devices, with a server made specifically for the emulator players. PUBG is very strict on the rules and does it ‘s best to provide every players with the same fair-play environment.


  1. Download all the files form the links given in the description below.
  2. Replace the hosts file with the downloaded one.
  3. Move the apk files to the shared directory.
  4. Install apk files.
  5. Install the apps and their modules.
  6. Run them and edit the emulator info.
  7. Open PUBGM and enjoy!

Download Section:

PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Bypass V 0.15.5 Video Tutorial:

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