PUBG Mobile Korean Smart Keymapping Tutorial

PUBG Mobile Korean Smart Keymapping
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Hello everyone, in this post we will be covering up the topic on how to setup smart keymapping for the Korean version of the battle royal game called PlayerUnknownsBattleGrounds or PUBG for short.

PUBG is a widely popular game which is played by billions of players world wide mean while also having a huge fan base, making it one of the most popular played shooting games. While so it’s mobile fan base is stronger,the number of it’s users on Emulators(PC) are also quite huge, and in emulators there is a feature called Key Mapping. This feature helps emulator users to use keys from either Keyboard or gamepad to play the game.

Now in this tutorial we will be showing you all how to setup the smart key mapping of pubg mobile korean version in the emulator named Gameloop formerly known as Tencent Gaming Buddy or TGB for short.

The smart key mapping is a new key mapping process, in which users can use a single key for opening doors, entering the cars, picking up items, reviving teammates etc, and so much more. However unfortunately for our Korean Users this feature is not allowed in TGB or Gameloop but is only available for the Global PUBG Mobile users. So to help our korean users we will give them the process on how to create their own smart key mapping in PUBG Mobile Korea.

Instructions Manual:

  1. Download the Key Mapping files form the link given below in the downloads section.
  2. Then replace the downloaded files into the “ui” folder of “txgameassistant”
  3. After that open your Game and enjoy the smart key mapping.
  4. Done!

If you have any further issues, please feel free to leave a comment below in the comments section.

Download Section

PUBG Mobile Korea Application:

Smart Key Mapping Files:

PUBG Mobile Korea Smart Key Mapping Video Tutorial:

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